(h) Herman Myburgh, PhD

I constantly challenge myself to become a better version of myself and believe that nothing is impossible when connecting the right resources with the right individuals. My life thus far has seen me completing a Masters degree in Environmental Microbiology, a PhD in Human Nutrition and working in trans-disciplinary health promotion and research at the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR). Currently, I am a senior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, with research and teaching responsibilities within the Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Department of Environmental Health. I am also a core team member of the African Nutrition Leadership Programme, where we develop the natural talents of individuals working in nutrition in Africa.

My research interests include investigating the use of 4th industrial revolution technologies, especially extended reality technologies, within the myriad of South African health challenges. Currently, I am creating embodiment experiences, where a user is placed in a VR scene and can experience different scenarios. I am extremely excited about the prospects of extended reality in offering standardised training for health professionals, as well as using this technology in creating novel experiments for which the participant’s environment can be controlled.

After hours, I keep busy being a father to my 6-year old daughter, and a husband to my super-supportive wife.

Herman Myburgh