(t) Homolang Marule

I am the CEO of (Atrybute) one of the Game Development Studios funded by Tshimologong in 2022. Pursuing ways to increase knowledge for startup gaming studios in SA, based on problems observed around my time interning and working alongside them in the years 2019 (TAM Gaming Inc), 2021 (Cinga Phabili & Animation SA) & 2022 (Atrybute). I studied Game Design at Wits University and started working during studies prior to graduation thanks to my portfolio. I got my company funded shortly before graduation (2022) after proving my Technical Direction skills together with my team during the Telkom Gaming Hackathon in 2021.
Current Pursuit.
I am the Technical Director and CEO for one of the game development studios being funded by Tshimologong. We are currently developing IP(FatPack Joe) for our Company and stake holders, at the pre revenue stage as it is not released yet. Its first stages are geared to release next year. Our operational costs are covered by Incubation/Business-Business funding. And our Customer engagement is mainly testing and feedback conducted through instagram, promoted posts, Ads and playtest invites. As well as events like FakUgesi, Comic Con, the Campus Game jam and anywhere gamers would centralize and meet.

Currently working on producing a game that tries to function as an export entertainment product. We are also not neglecting trying to make it a viable product in South Africa, while much harder than the first, its pursuit that has support from Companies like MTN & Telkom and as such we are considering it in production as well. Looking for that fine balance between trying to tap into the African market but not putting all the risk in the one market that has yet to be. While ensuring that it is also not completely deprived of support in its growth – from local developers.

It’s been 8 months of development, consultations with established studios (e.g 24-bit games) and research. While it’s early on I think the fruits of the project will be beneficial long term for knowledge purposes and as a showcase of the companies Technical abilities in game development should we opt to go into production as an game development outsourcing company after the project’s release. Being a startup we are keeping our flexibility and options open as to what our future is but currently it is making the game, and making commercial success with it.