(z) Jaco Kleynhans

Jaco Kleynhans is the founder and mastermind behind NINJACO (PTY) LTD. Jaco and his team serves as an uncomplicated passage between the sometimes-confusing world of IT and the public. Together with his diverse team of IT specialists, designers, writers, and creatives, he provides a variety of IT-related services for the public, and businesses locally and abroad. Jaco’s niche area is custom software solutions and his profile is proudly showcased on several platforms.

Jaco’s modus operandi can be described as eclectic-professional with an unhealthy fascination for everything tech. He draws from different fields, perspectives, opinions, and creative milieus to deliver high-quality services and products. His IT playground extends to wherever The Universe takes him, and he’s done most of it – from software development to TV adverts, soaps, 3D animation, product launches, graphic design and not IT but still cool, Air Traffic Control.