(o) Mbangiso Mabaso “Baso”

Mbangiso Mabaso, simply referred to as Baso is the Founder of Sisanda Tech. He founded Sisanda Tech on 17 November 2017 after the launch of his first Mobile Game EED. EED was an abbreviation of Energy Efficiency Diva, it is a Mobile Game raising awareness about the importance of saving energy and electricity. This game came in the third position in SAB Kickstart ignite competition. Baso innovated Sisanda App Universe through the realization that game design can make learning fun, and easy and the use of games in education can simplify the abstract concept to learners with simple mechanics. The version of Sisanda App Universe was launched in 2017 and in 2021 became the first app in South Africa to win an award at MTN Business App Awards, receiving an award for the Most Innovative Solution. In 2022, Baso was selected as Design Indaba Emerging Creative for 2022, He was also selected as top 18 creative technologists to participate in Design Future Labs by Electric South, Twyg, British Council and Crossover Labs Uk. Proud member of the Metaverse Crew