(f) RJ van Spaandonk

RJ has been working at the forefront of the tech industry for 25+ years. He is also a keen photo/videographer, avid reader, speaker & columnist, education philanthropist and crypto enthusiast

PAST: Alongside a career in ‘activist’ consulting he became an ‘enterpriser’, representing some of the world’s leading brands and growing their businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa – first & foremost Apple.

PRESENT: Conscious of the inherent risks of society’s increasing digitization, and building on his background in the defence industry, his recent focus has been on defending critical infrastructure sectors against cyber threats.

FUTURE: Whatever your viewpoint or desire, our lives will continue to move even more online; in the not-so-distant future even extending into the virtual realm. It is RJ’s mission to assist with conception & adoption of relevant new technologies & business models that, whilst beneficial to organisations, will also guarantee the privacy, safety & sovereignty of its users (and society at large).

FOR FUN: All things epicurean are his avocation, and in his free time he is an ardent ‘gourmand, cuisinier and amphitryon’, enabling him to write and speak about sybaritic delights for various (lifestyle) publications and organisations.