(w) Rudi Kruger

CEO of the INDEX INNOVATION GROUP and is a recognised expert in the areas of sustainable and disruptive innovation. Rudi was the winner of the Age of Innovation Award for his development of the GrowthDriver Software solution for Technology Based Start-ups. He also founded and Chaired the Sustainable

Growth Awards as well as THE NEW ECONOMY TV show on Summit TV.

During the past 8 years, Rudi has focused his attention on developing FIT – Framework for Innovative Thinking, a practical innovation methodology and software application for application in the financial, commercial and social innovation segments. Rudi has consulted with Innovation Labs, Incubators, and Accelerators globally. Rudi is the Co-Founder of Cryptotech Solutions the developer of Donorcoin a Crypto-tech, BAAS Solution developed to remove Financial Leakage from Donor Aid.

Rudi is currently completing a PhD. The focus of his research is Implementing Systematic Innovation.

Rudi Kruger