(u) Steven Boykey Sidley

Steve has over 35 years experience in diverse areas of business, media production, technology, artificial intelligence telecommunications, information management, mobile development, blockchain/crypto development and private equity. He has worked at operational, executive and board levels. Having qualified with an MSc (Computer Science) from UCLA in 1979, Steve spent 17 years in California.

This was the Cambrian period of technological development, particularly on the West Coast of the US, and he was fortunate enough to touch a great deal of new technology. This included working as an engineer on the Space program at Hughes, followed by designing video games at Tronix and Sidley Wright (where he co-authored 4 successful games), a stint as an artificial intelligence researcher at Citicorp research in Los Angeles, followed by designing computer peripherals, and founding one of Los Angeles’ most successful computer animation companies, Sidley Wright, sold to National Video Systems in 1994.

Steve returned to SA in 1995 where he initially directed commercials for GateHouse and later managed the film and Internet divisions of VWW productions. He subsequently joined Prism Technologies as executive director, operating in the payment technology and crypto space, and which was listed on the JSE in 2000. He has subsequently held a number of high-level positions executive and board positions in blue chip companies including world-wide Group CTO for Anglo American plc and Group CTO at Al-tech/Altron , as well as successfully co-founding, building and selling two companies and working on private equity and VC transactions. In 2021 Steven Sidley and Simon Dingle were signed by Icon Books in the UK to write Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and the End of Banks, launched globally in February 2022, now on shelves on 5 continents.